Friday, December 2, 2016

Selective Knowledge an epidemic


The disease of selective knowledge of everything from religion to politics is killing our country. My fellow country men you are only following what is being served to you, through social, news, etc. Please make an effort to go behind the curtains of the so called truth. Enjoy the beauty every truth holds, only then will we have the wisdom to criticise and accuse.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Find the miracle within - Shot in Goa

Sunset photography in Goa

People say, for every thing that's good and every thing that's bad there's fortune, but for a coincidence it can only be God. With pride we put it forth as a miracle. So whats a real miracle like, simple look around you, look inside you and you still don't find it look in the mirror. The miracle is in you.

Some of them who have discovered this miracle within are greats like Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, and I can go on and on. Find the miracle in you and I will search for mine.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Advent of the Rising by the River Ganges

Rising Sun in HDR

Advent of the rising sun, always paints a very picturesque, hyper-real version of the coming day. Strangely in life for every thing new to come, follows the same sort of routine like mother nature. First comes the darkness then the dawn which galvanizes everything that has always been around in an explosion of color.

Color which is just a hypothetical reflection of light on different surfaces, makes you feel redeemed  Sunrise Photograph of 
the river Ganga

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sunrise with the Mahatma

The sunrise in India changed forever with one mans sheer will. Will power can move the earth and make way for a thousand stars to fall in. The stars of freedom, discovery, success, fame... all just gets drawn by will and not gravity. Change the way you think, "If you will you get your own way".
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some one waiting for a hug

Nature has its own way of showing Love for humanity. This miniature of mother nature calls us with open arms to come and embrace what was made to share love and emotions. The expression of a feeling encapsulated in a tiny package explodes in pink when given as a gift from your heart. Thats mother nature's blessing which will never age with time.
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Urban Nature

Sunset painted on an urban canvas. This is the sunset for most of us. Times have changed and we have repainted the sunset by adding smog, eletric and telephone towers, dead trees... and a lot more.
Wonder how much more is needed to actually realise the canvas is no longer just a canvas, its our childrens future.
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Definition of Cute

The most awesome gift any body can ever give. Really amazing
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Enlightment for a future?

This is a bridge in Kerala right behind my ancestral house. The street lights are put right across the road. For some reason not known to any of the locals the light towards one end of the road always seems low on voltage. The municipal authorities tried everything replacing the lamp post rewiring and even changing the bulb to a high intensity one. An old man sitting at the bridge tells me that this has been happening since the time a lineman mysteriously disappeared from that particular lamp post. They say that he fell off the lamp post into the river, got dragged by the under currents and drowned. Wonder how much of it is true but one thing I have seen is the other side of the bridge is always dark.
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Pursuit of God through art

Art in its purest form. To make the image of God I feel you need to have the eyes of God and to make a sulpture of the creator you need hands of God. For temples made like this i see millions of hands of the almighty all working in unison towards one goal, trying to create a realistic image of what you believe in & what you have faith in.
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Alien Bug

I found him in Gurgaon. It looks like a bug with an attitude. The dress code is not formal but then I think he must be on a holiday or may be some friends party. Wait a minute this could be a she also right... no wonder the bright colors and the polka dots all dressed for a date I am sure. Whether a she or a he it just looks like something from the moon.Really awesome.
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The Golden Gate to India

The Sparkling India gate in Delhi Glows like gold in the night. Funny thing is for a city thats falling short of power is it fair to use power like this. Well that debate will never end but the fact that any kind of alternat lighting other than the sodium vapour lamp will definetly save enough power to light a few homes.
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clay Man adventures

Just something interesting one of my personal shot.

A not so rare orchid -- Macro shot

Capturing the beauty of an orchid with a macro lens was like experiencing the presence of god.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunset in Rachi(Jarkhand) Dhoni's Hometown

Sunrise in Rachi(Jarkhand) is really an experience the air is completely free of pollution and for somebody Like me from mumbai i can sense the freshness in the air. Most of the houses are row houses or bunglows and the absence of huge concrete structures makes this place look very different. It is one of the most green cities in India.

Mango season in Gurgaon

The Effervesent colors of Gurgaon Sader market(India). In all that chaos a vendor is just passing his time day dreaming wainting for the next customer to come by. Gurgaon has developed so much that realestate prices there have come to be at par with Mumbai. And Gurgaon have all the Oracles, Nokia, Ericsons, IBM's hustling and bustling for space.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Truth behind the Peeping sunshine

An awesome pic on a cloudy day at home in Wadala. There is clouds and there is smog from the oil refinery you can see in the pic which is making the picture gloomy. The amonia that comes out of the chimneyin the pic, is oudourless but can cause a lot of harm to you lungs. Its really tough to understand how a residential colony (bhakti park) has sprung up right next to one of Indias bigest oil refinery. Beyond this refinery is BARC on the other side of the mountain.

Mercury Lake

This is the most astonishing site I have seen in a long time. It was like being on another planet which has mirror finish lake.
This is Naukuchiatal. I think a visit to Nanital is incomplete without going to Naukuchiatal. The locals say that any body who has seen all the 9 conners of naukuchiatal will becaome a millionaire. And this was the 9th coner and I am still a pauper. But you never know when lady luck will shower your blessings on you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photography that can freeze time.

Have you ever wished you could freeze time in life.
Photography does just that for you. Every picture you look at is like an instance of time, a medium to travel to that time at any moment in your life.

All one has to do is look at the picture, close your eyes and you are there.
I dont know if this makes a good
photographer, but it sure does make one want to take up photography. I have done some photography of my own. Having started with a very basic KB zoom from kodak.

There were limitations but I guess that makes a person better understand the whole concept of photography. I did click some kick ass pictures with it too. Then I switched to a casio exilim which was like a sleek and sophisticated camera. The auto mode was amazing. Unlike most of the other personal digital cameras this one supported c
omplete manual settings as well including white balance. The lens Pentax smc 3x (35-105mm equiv) zoom, f/2.6-4.8 did its job pretty well I must say. Check the photograph on the right. The whole idea of looking at this picture to relive my memories got me so engrossed in photography that soon I wanted to pick up the best possible DSLR in the market. A digital single-lens reflex camera Or DSLR is a mechanical mirror system, with pentaprisim to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder at the back of the camera. But surely that wasn't going to be possible so i just started saving money for atleast a basic DSLR. Meanwhile my skill with the casio seems to have take a sort of nice shape

Then one fine day I
finally could afford to buy my very own DSLR (Canon EOS D40) with 2 sets of lenses. One a 75-350 lens and another a 25 to 85 lens.There are a lot of blogs and tutorials i went through on a regular basis to get as much as knowledge or information that is required in terms of lighting and tips and tricks. One such site is Also my advise to all the budding photographers is make sure u have the right camera that can suffice your needs.

If you are an amatuer then you might as well go with a personal camera/small digicam. But if you feel that you are way above the amatuers then go for a DSLR. It is also important which camera you choose . I got a lot of help from i am sure it will prove helpful to you too. Having said all this the core essence of photography is manufacturing memories, no matter how good or bad your camera is its what you click is what matters.